Welcome to the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP)

We’re passionate about forests and how they make our lives better.

What does that mean exactly?

It means we're passionate about forest ecosystems, forest products, forest communities, forest people, and keeping forests as forests. About the social, environmental and economic values we derive from the many different forests in North America. About the role trees play in maintaining our health. About water, wildlife, healthy planet and a healthy economy. And about innovation, partnership, research, responsible management, conservation, and sustainability. About our future, and the future of our forests.

Who is NAFP?

The North American Forest Partnership (NAFP) is a diverse group of companies and organizations from throughout the United States and Canada committed to the management of sustainable, healthy forests. The NAFP community includes more than 100 members who represent the diversity of the forest sector and who are united by a shared ethic of forest stewardship. We work with members to align and amplify the diverse voices of the forest sector, celebrating their stories and hosting conversations that will help shape the future of forests. Through our ‘Walk in the Woods’ communication program, we are engaging the public to address questions they have regarding the management and protection of forest resources with credible answers drawn from our membership.

Why have we come together?

We believe that our passion needs a voice. A place where the many diverse interests that share our values can come together and start a conversation about who we are, the work that we do, and the future of our forests. At NAFP, we believe that when more people know and appreciate the whole story of forests, who is responsible for them, how and why we manage and conserve them, and the many different ways they make our lives better, the forest sector, and our forests, will thrive.

NAFP - Forest Proud.

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What is the Forest Sector?

The Forest Sector is as diverse as the many different forests of North America. In the U.S. and Canada, the sector is a significant employer and includes individual landowners, lumber producers, government agencies, foresters, pulp and paper manufacturers, bio-energy producers, professional associations, universities, conservation organizations, tribes, first nations and recreation groups, among many other formal and informal participants that manage, work in and enjoy our forests. All these interests have a say in how forests are managed and in making decisions that will shape the future of the sector and our forests.

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Walk in the Woods

Our ‘Walk in the Woods’ program delivers the virtual equivalent of a guided walk in the woods, a rich, curated experience and invitation, meeting people where they are in their journey through the forest and forest sector, answering key questions, engaging knowledgeable experts from across the sector, and connecting people with credible guides and compelling content. 

Come walk in the woods with us!