Meet the NAFP Team 

Will Novy-Hildesley headshotWill Novy-Hildesley 
Executive Director

Will has extensive experience with the forest sector, developing new initiatives, and leading multi-stakeholder brand initiatives that bridge for-profit/non-profit, and government. Will’s passion is aligning people behind a shared sense of purpose and mission. He joined NAFP recognizing a tremendous opportunity to bring together many diverse interests with a fresh and compelling story to help shape the future of forests. Since 2000, he served as Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Foundry, a strategic planning and branding firm whose recent clients include the Department of Defense, Intel, Deloitte/Monitor, The Unitarian Church, Social Venture Partners, Easter Seals, The Society of American Foresters, Vistage and Surfline.com. Prior to that, he worked at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the World Wildlife Fund. He has a Master’s of Science in Tropical Coastal Zone Management from Newcastle University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Durham University. 

Will has a growing list of injuries from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is seldom happier than when paddling into the Pacific’s breaking waves with the whole family marauding in the lineup, or chasing wily steelhead with a fly rod in remote river valleys of the Pacific Northwest.

Rae Tamblyn staff photo website

Rae Tamblyn 
Membership Manager

Rae came to NAFP because she loves trees and wants to change the world. She has a strong belief in the need for efficient communication and collaboration between organizations working on different aspects of a single greater goal: keeping forests as forests. The more people know about the social, environmental, and economic values of trees and why we need them, the better!  Rae has a background in sociology and anthropology and used to work at the National Association for State Community Services Programs, focusing on anti-poverty efforts across the USA. This gives her insight into the connection between people, society, and the ways in which we interact with and manage our natural resources.

Rae is a regular participant in invasive species removal and storm water management projects at state and local parks, trains in Muay Thai, plants trees and gardens on the weekends, and is a budding bird-watcher by circumstance, but is only really at the LBB (little brown bird!) level. She’s a little better at tree ID, since she takes tree identification classes in her free time, but it’s a work in progress. 


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